Invokana – An exciting new treatment in type 2 diabetes

Diabetes medication is a very exciting field right now – there are always new products on the horizon. I could spend many blog posts covering the basics of all of them. However, today I want to discuss Invokana, a promising new drug.

Fist let’s talk about how this drug fits into diabetes management. Keep in mind everyone’s story is different. When a person is first diagnosed with diabetes, they are usually treated with diet and exrecise or diet, exercise, and Metformin. As the disease progresses, a sulfonyurea maybe added like Glipizide or Glimepride. When blood glucose control isn’t able to be achived with these stratgeies, third line treatment is necessary, which could include insulin or something like Januvia. This is where Invokana, in studies, has proved to be beneficial. This medication could be used instead of
insulin or Januvia.

Invokana is a once-a-day oral medication, usually taken before the first meal of the day. It works by removing excess glucose out of the body via urination. Your kidneys filter waste and excrete it through your urine. Invokana inhibits the reabsorption of glucose from the kidneys back into the blood (where is usually goes if blood glucose is high) and forces it out of the body through the urine.
Studies have shown good results with Invokana, sometimes a decrease in A1c of 1%. The major issue with Invokana is the possible yeast infection you might get when taking this drug. Invokana is not recommended for people with kidney issues.

I get excited when new tools come out to help with the management of diabetes. This is an interesting drug to say the least. As with everything diabetes-related, an effective management plan is best when it’s individualized. Talk to your doctor about new drugs, how they may help you, and any insurance-related questions that go along with that. Good luck with your management plan!!!!

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