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Top 10 sodium bombs

saltI saw the most interesting top 10 list today. It was the top 10 sources of sodium in the American diet. We all know that we consume way too much sodium on any given day; I mean it’s just so easy to overdo it. Go out to eat one meal during the course of the day and you’ve blown it! The American Heart Association recommends that people with heart disease and hypertension (high blood pressure) try to stick to no more than 1500mg per day.

Q & A – What to eat at the gas station?

Gas StationQuestion: My husband is on the road all day (and night sometimes) for work. What can he pick up at a gas station that is fairly nutritious?

This is a great question. Since I’m not all that familiar with the subject matter, I did a little research at the Circle K up the street from me! Gas stations are not what they used to be. There were a lot more options than I thought there would be. This is good news!

Here are some good options:

  • Power bars – The gas station I surveyed only had one kind, but at least it was peanut butter.

Good carbs, bad carbs…

Question: What are “slow-digesting” carbohydrates?
Slow digesting carbohydrates are your “good” carbs! They take longer to digest and absorb. Therefore, they do not spike your blood sugars, and they actually help to maintain consistent blood sugars levels. They are nutrient-dense and usually higher in fiber. These foods make superb choices when it comes to meal planning. Choose these food often, but continue to watch your portions.

Have these carbs more often:

  • dried beans, peas, and lentils
  • nuts and seeds
  • milk, yogurt, and soy drinks (low-fat or fat-free)
  • non-starchy vegetables (usually part of the “free foods” group anyway!)

Ten great nutrition tips for Heart Month

February is heart month! So let’s celebrate with 10 heart-healthy dietary tips.

1. Add some foods that contain plant sterols. The National Cholesterol Education Program recommends 2g per day for those individuals with elevated LDL cholesterol. Most products are fortified and advertised as such, so look for fortified margarine, milk, yogurt, pasta, OJ, bread, cheeses, and frozen waffles.

2. Try adding more fatty fish to your diet. Aim for two 4oz servings per week. Try salmon, sardines, anchovies, halibut, and blue fin tuna.