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Easy chicken vegetable soup

This could not have been easier and it was really delicious!

I got the crock pot out and added 1.15lb of FROZEN chicken breasts, a 16oz container of chopped vegetable mix, a 32oz container of low-sodium chicken stock, some water, and let it cook (about 5.5 hours).

Sliced chicken breast, Jasmine rice, and roasted vegetables

A close friend of mine (yes, I’m talking about you Cath) thought it would be a good idea if I blogged about what we were having at the Ray house at least once a week. She wanted to know what a dietitian makes for her family. I thought I would give it a try, so it’s “What’s for Dinner Wednesday”! Just so you’re forewarned – I like simple, fresh, and healthy meals that I can make in no time. Nothing fancy here :)

Today I’m making sliced chicken breast, Jasmine rice, and roasted vegetables.