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Stacey Ray, MS, RD, CDE

I am a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator working in the field of in-patient diabetes management education. I have logged thousands of hours of individualized diabetes consults. I have also given numerous presentations on lifestyle change, managing diabetes, carbohydrate counting, heart-healthy meal planning, and pre-diabetes.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and worked as a restaurant manager. I left the restaurant industry after the birth of my son, and then decided it wasn’t for me. During some soul searching while at home with my son, I realized that I wanted to turn my interest in nutrition into my profession. I went on to complete the Didactic Program of Dietetics as well as receive my Master’s of Science in Nutrition from Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina.

A little personal information about me, in case you’re interested. I’m originally from Western Pennsylvania. And yes, I am a huge Steelers fan! I met my husband while we were in college together. As soon as we graduated we moved south, to escape those harsh winters in the north. After a brief stint in Florida, we settled in North Carolina. We have a 14-year-old son who plays just about every sport but specializes in baseball. We also have a 8-year-old daughter that would eat chocolate for (or with) every meal, if I’d let her! In my spare time I love to experiment in the kitchen. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on your perspective) I seem to be best at baking desserts. I also like to read, clean (yes, you read that right), and exercise.

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My passion is discussing, educating, and supporting people living with diabetes. Living better should include sound and practical nutrition advice. Quite honestly, you may find that some Web sites out there meet certain needs better than this one. Why would I say that when I should be encouraging you to spend some time here? Because I am not a food purist, vegan, or even a vegetarian. Although, I may touch on concepts that deal with these lifestyle choices at times. What I try to be though is mindful, practical, and balanced when it comes to a healthy diet. Just because I’m a nutritionist, doesn’t mean that I only eat broccoli and brussel sprouts (or what my grandma would call “rabbit food”). I love food! I love to eat and try new foods. Eating should be an enjoyable experience. I couldn’t disagree more with people who believe a healthy and balanced diet and “delicious food” are not the same thing. They can be!

I work primarily with people diagnosed with type II diabetes. Of those patients, I work with all varieties of diagnosis – newly diagnosed, prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, controlled and uncontrolled type II, non-insulin dependent, and insulin dependent. I feel it is important for the diabetes community to have a place to call home. A place where we can take on diabetes together! And if it helps at all, you’ll never see me use the word “veggies”!

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